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NUTTY Barice are the HIT product of Startaj Hrvatska 2021.

Photo of Maja in Interspar

One year after joining the Startaj Hrvatska project, we have managed to achieve our dreams. Nutty BARs became the HIT product of 2021 in the second season of this project, securing their place in all SPAR and INTERSPAR stores, both on special blue shelves and on the regular shelves of the healthy eating section.

A total of eight candidates participated in the project, who over the course of a year did their utmost to bring their products closer to customers, with SPAR Croatia providing them with great help and support.

Maja's message on Instagram speaks volumes about how she feels:

Just over a year has passed since the first BARs came out of my kitchen... It all started from the need to provide myself with a healthy snack, and it ended up with me holding the plaque of the HIT product. The BARs have gone from a healthy snack to my life's path, and today I received confirmation that I'm on the right track. I cannot thank enough - my closest ones, family, and friends who have been with me from the first moment, through the good and the bad - my little Nutty team Iva, Ana, Ve, Tea, and my mom - the whole team @startajhrvatska who provides wind beneath the wings of us small entrepreneurs when we need it most - all the candidates of the second season who have become dear friends along the way

- all the wonderful people at @sparhr, from the management to the store employees who placed the BARs on the shelves - the best team @novatv_ who brought my story into your homes.

And most importantly, all of you who supported us, bought our products, lifted us from difficult moments with beautiful messages, tried our bars in direct sales...

I believed in my product, and you believed in me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!